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Aventa Credit Union and VisiFI

About Aventa Credit Union

Aventa Credit Union was charted in 1957 as Colorado Springs Public Utilities Credit Union. In 2009 a name change to Aventa Credit Union would allow us the opportunity to grow into more areas of Southern Colorado. In 2010 we had the opportunity to merge with Pueblo City Employees Credit Union and in 2012 we acquired Saguache County Credit Union in the San Luis Valley. In 2020 Aventa Credit Union began working on building onto our Brand Story. We wanted our members to know that we’re not so different. Like them, we’ll work until the job is done and the goal is met. We just happen to be a Credit Union. Our logo reflects a balance of approachability and trustworthy sophistication, capturing our human centered spirit.  We strive to provide our members with ever-evolving technology as well as ensuring that member security is our top priority.




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The Context

A new image for new digital services

Aventa wanted to reinvent their image, with a strong refresh of their corporate identity. The goal was not only to change their logo and the way they presented themselves to the market: the brand refresh needed to incorporate a strong review of the overall positioning of the organization and the way they communicate their digital-first approach.

Connecting the visual identity with a new way of servicing members was the challenge that Aventa decided to tackle.

An acceleration in strategy was necessary: Aventa had been planning a revision of their visual identity; however, the need was fast-tracked by the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was only a catalyst to hasten a change that Aventa felt was due even before the pandemic broke out. The organization knew they needed to make sure their members knew who they were and all the services they could provide to make the member experience better.

So, this journey of transformation included the redesign of Aventa’s digital banking solutions. A perfect time to evolve and to demonstrate that the makeover of Aventa’s brand is closely connected with one piece of its truest mission: improving members’ satisfaction through enhanced digital services and showing who the credit union stands for within the community.

Technology is Aventa’s main focus for attracting new members and retaining more satisfied ones, as it’s deeply changing the way the Credit Union is doing business.

The Solution

Changing perception through improved experience 

We worked with Aventa to create a cohesive brand and digital branch that aligned with their new website and image.  This customized platform allowed Aventa to adapt their digital branch to meet their members needs and to provide new products and services.

The goal, a streamlined, cohesive and simplified way to access Aventa’s digital banking channels and a fully improved user experience.

Results Since 2021 Product Launch

Another pillar of the project was to simplify the back-office management, so that Aventa’s employees could be more efficient in their everyday tasks. By adding some of the new digital products it allowed members to manage their account and make changes instantly, no longer needing to rely on the credit union: instant member convenience and increased back-office efficiency.

In terms of new services, VisiFI implemented card management tools to assist with fraud and provide member convenience and will continue to work with Aventa to add new features, such as chatbots and real-time payments.

Increasing security was another important milestone: VisiFI collaborated with Aventa to make this happen, mainly through the adoption of multi-factor security approaches, risk assessments and facial recognition.

While working to improve Aventa’s front-end elements, the core was crucial to ensure consistent data management. VisiFI’s platform relies on a single source of information, from the core to multiple digital touchpoints, which makes it easier for Aventa to build a seamless experience for their members.

“We have a three-year digital roadmap: we want to continue to be on the edge with new technologies, to deliver more security and safety for our members. We stand and build on members’ needs. VisiFI has the knowledge to accompany us as we move forward” says Greg Mills, CEO of Aventa Credit Union.

20% New Mobile Users

12% Increase in mobile visits

17% Increase in remote deposit capture

Freshness Built on Purpose

Rebranding to be more accessible

Digital Built on Real Needs

Enhancing and simplifying experiences

Future-proof as a Dynamic Process

A digital roadmap as a living document

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