Digital Banking

Elevate your Digital Banking Game.

VisiFI Digital Banking is designed to work with our proprietary core or a wide range of other core systems, making it highly flexible and customizable to your needs. Looking to supercharge your account growth and deposits? Our integrated 3-minute digital account opening, funding, and digital lending solutions accelerate revenue, account approvals, and data duplications in no time. 

We work with behavioral scientists to understand the art of user behavior, from color and word choice to navigation.  Our award-winning solution includes all of the bells and whistles your account holders expect plus more advanced personalized tools to meet the needs of existing and potential account holders who value the convenience of remote, self-service access.

UX Design Studio ensures a branded and customizable interface, making it easier to engage existing and potential account holders:

Our connected digital banking solutions are modular, open and scalable to adapt to your evolving needs.

Access to customer-led product innovation labs, ensuring your voice is heard and you stay ahead of the curve.

True end-to-end functionality including digital account opening, digital lending, and all of the features consumers come to expect plus more.

Safeguard data and systems with world-class security capabilities.

Behavioral science-backed design ensures a user-friendly and engaging experience.

Enhanced self-service capabilities, such as mobile check deposits, account transfers, and bill payments.

User-specific configurations & customizations enable tailored experiences, including image upload and personalized alerts.


Automatic Payroll Switch

Bill Pay

Chatbots 24/7

Customized Joint Signers Access

Marketing Communications and Offers

Financial Wellness Tools

Pay Loans or Make Deposits at other FI’s

Real-Time Payments

International Payments

Person-to-Person Payments

Real-Time Remote Deposit Capture

Secure Messaging

Advanced Card Management

Solving Simple to Complex Challenges

While many Digital Banking Solutions may seem the same we offer the most sought-after functionality and integrate behavioral science to ensure user-friendly navigation and intuitive design. We go beyond the standard features typically found in online and mobile banking, significantly accelerating growth by providing solutions that enhance operational efficiency, attract and retain new account holders, and facilitate the delivery of personalized financial services.

With decades of financial solutions expertise and our expansive global network, we provide customers with unmatched breadth and depth in technology and service excellence.

From one location to many branches, a thousand members to a million and more – VisiFI’s Digital Banking Solution is exactly what you need it to be, and more.

Total Solutions

For an even more streamlined digital experience, our Total Solutions seamlessly connects our core banking and digital banking to from funding and opening a new account, moving money, applying for a loan, and everything in between, all powered by a robust marketplace and ecosystem.