Who We Serve

Customers are our Mission.

Empowering Credit Unions and Community Banks with Customized Solutions for Growth and Efficiency.


We actively involve our customers in shaping our product development strategies to ensure the highest standards of service excellence. Our customer journey mapping methodology enables us to create tailored solutions that meet market needs and align with your strategic goals. We continuously refine our approach to keep up with evolving customer expectations and business requirements.

New Development

With a more than $2.5M annual spend on digital technology R&D our agile development cycle and monthly release sprints, continuously improve the customer experience and drive business growth. We create customer-centric roadmaps that merge core and digital solutions, resulting in seamless experiences with independent and scalable modules that ensure flexibility and accelerate successful customer system design.

System Development

We prioritize your team and end-user experience and offer an aggressive roadmap for Digital Banking and Core Solutions so that our customers have a voice in setting priorities, proposing solutions, and participating in design and workflow mapping through our Innovation Labs and small roundtable discussions.

Real Results Powered by Behavioral Science Best Practices

72% reduction in call center calls

30% increase in loan growth

74% higher engagement, 365/24/7 support

2.5 Million R&D dedicated to digital solutions

Digital Hub and Innovation Labs

Our innovation accelerator provides a space for next-gen ideas to grow. Together, with our customers and partners, we cultivate and nurture groundbreaking concepts reshaping digital banking technologies, fostering an open exchange of insights, best practices, and lessons learned. Our commitment to behavioral science, real-time insights, and scalability propels account retention and engagement to new heights.


By leveraging our parent company Deda’s strategic development and integration expertise, we allocate resources and maintain a single-source IT framework that creates forward-looking technology to help financial institutions navigate modern banking complexities. 


Innovation is in our DNA

Our privately held ownership ensures a dedicated and proactive approach to market insights for strategic opportunity identification. Our alignment towards resource allocation emphasizes a strategic focus on customer growth solutions. Our growth focus is built on understanding customer best practices and strategic partners that we can “integrate” into our platform, beyond our direct ecosystem. Embracing a cooperative mindset, we align our mission-driven values to foster collaborative relationships within the market. Our dedication has been recognized with an award-winning solution, further solidifying our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the marketplace. 

Why Choose VisiFI for your Strategic Banking Technology Needs:

We support over 200 integrations within our solution set including many self-service tools as well as provide our own proprietary solutions from core to digital, many designed by our customers.

We advocate annual system audits to boost efficiency and maximize your system's productivity, freeing up time for more valuable tasks.

VisiFI invests $2-3 million annually in new development over the past three years with a strong agile development cycle, releasing sprints monthly.​

Our focus on Behavioral Science and eliminating friction enhances user experiences, earning us the "Most Innovative" title for three consecutive years. In 2023-2024, an now we’ve integrated behavioral science into our core application.​

We prioritize User Experience and offer an aggressive roadmap for Digital Banking and Core Solutions. Our customers have a voice in setting priorities, proposing solutions, and participating in design and workflow through Innovation Labs and Roundtable Discussions.

Mission Minded and Collaborative

We partner with mission-driven organizations like AACUC, Inclusiv, NLCUP, and the Advanced Center for Hindsight to create tailored technology solutions.

In 2021, we worked together to promote short-term savings, helping 2,000+ members from five credit unions save $400+ for emergencies in just 10 weeks.

In 2022, our collaboration resulted in a streamlined Digital Account Opening process, enhancing operational efficiency, and appealing to younger members with intuitive tech.

In 2023, we co-created a Digital Lending application that doubled the number of loan submissions in just 60 days, bringing loans back to credit unions.