Global Innovation and Insights.

Built locally for your bank or credit union.

VisiFI is part of Deda, a group of privately owned companies. Established over 20 years ago in Italy, Deda is a global technology group specializing in strategic digital services and solutions and focusing on multiple industries and markets, including financial services, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Deda’s purpose is expressed by the “Stay dedicated” claim, which highlights its commitment to leverage the power of dedication and support its clients in reaping the benefits of digital evolution, as well as enhancing technology’s positive impact on the economy and society. 

Today, Deda has more than 3,000 employees who work on delivering technology and digital solutions and services across different industries. It has a global presence with over 4.000 clients in more than 50 countries and branches in the UK, Mexico, and the US, where it operates through Deda North America.

We leverage the best of Deda’s capabilities and solutions alongside US-based innovations to support the transformation and growth of US community financial institutions. The driving force behind our vision is our international team, strategically located in the US, Mexico, and Italy. By collaborating across borders, our diverse team generates high-growth digital solutions, drawing upon varied business experiences and expertise.

With deep roots across industries and continents, Deda’s knowledge and vision, enable us to create powerful solutions that resonate on a global scale, developed locally, for our community financial institution customers.

Financial services

Treasury and risk management services

Public administration

Digital business processes

Cloud infrastructure

Fashion industry

What's Shaping Our Vision

As consolidation occurs, demographics change, and technology and security complexities continue to reshape the financial landscape financial institutions need to adapt to new modern solutions. Deda’s global presence and deep banking expertise help financial institutions prioritize innovation and digital transformation. Marked by practicality, expertise, and a digital-first approach across industries and continents, Deda’s knowledge and vision allow us to create practical solutions that work on a global scale. We build our solutions locally, tailored to meet the needs of your financial institution.

Together, Deda and VisiFI build and deliver around these capabilities:

Core Banking to increase community financial institutions’ efficiency and effectiveness. Our solutions are based on open architectures to allow financial institutions to integrate to fintech and third-party platforms. ​

Digital Transformation we provide customers the tools and solutions that enhance their digital growth and allow them to open to new demographics. ​

Business Intelligence & AI  we believe in the power of data to drive actionable insights. Our reporting capabilities unlock value to deliver personalized offerings and support customers and partners.

Data and System Security to ensure total protection across organizational assets, both from an infrastructure and front-end perspective. ​

Partners ecosystem to respond to the market’s needs with new services that promote financial inclusion in the US and address talent acquisition and retention.