Moving Money, in Real-Time

VisiFI delivers a new real-time check deposit capture service, to turn virtual credit unions to real-time organizations

Product News

BIRMINGHAM, AL (March 8, 2021) –

VisiFI keeps on expanding their mobile and online solutions by innovating with purpose, around members’ needs: a new service is now allowing them to see their deposit checks in real-time, through our online and mobile solutions.

The new real-time deposit capture is one of the latest enhancements within this area, a part of the strategic focus through which VisiFI realizes virtual credit unions, that serve their members wherever  they are, and through instant omnichannel services.

Best in class, working together
The new real-time deposit capture service is released through a partnership with Alogent, the standard for the transaction ecosystem, which VisiFI has been utilizing  for several years, especially for the imaging management of transactions. Through true strategic partnerships, VisiFI is expanding the scope of our end-to-end platform, thus including new best in class solutions that enhance its functionalities in a dynamic way. This modular framework, with a core engine at the center that natively integrates vertical standalone solutions, is VisiFI’s approach to enable the Credit Unions to compete more effectively in the ever-changing consumer finance market.
Satisfied members, streamlined processes

The new solution ensures that members have instant access to the funds when depositing checks through our mobile capture solution.

Credit Unions benefit with more automated back-end operations, streamlined processes and immediate flow of data, thus taking another step towards becoming a virtual credit union, and a real-time organization as well.  

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