Real-time Accounting Suite

Access information and take action – in real-time

Why wait until end-of-day or especially month-end to make decisions impacting your organization? Drive value with the ability to quickly react to member needs, make real-time decisions, or fine-tune adjustments in an instant with VisiFI Real-Time Accounting Suite. It’s a requirement for today’s demanding and competitive environment.

Be more responsive to member preferences and market changes

The VisiFI Real-Time Accounting Suite is a powerful tool that allows you to access information and audit credit union financial status, any time of the day.

It’s not only the ability to access information. Real-Time Accounting Suite gives you the ability to use that information in a number of ways. Reporting capabilities enable you to produce reports on-demand, request reports unlimited times, and automatically send reports to specific users and groups via e-mail. Built-in capabilities make it possible to bring in any branch accounting details for a more granular view by location.

Improve your view of the financial picture

From a financial planning standpoint, Real-Time Accounting Suite gives your credit union the ability to instantly access any performance evaluation, including information from profitability accounting, budget and investment.

With VisiFI, there is no waiting. In an instant, you’re able to access everything you need to improve your overall financial interactions, with the ability to:

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Monitor, evaluate and manage regulatory changes.

Automate collections and free up resources.

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