Retail Applications

Streamline the overall CU Management’s engine and enhance member’s services

Spending more time focusing on members and less time maintaining the system: this is our way to envision the CU’s Retail Application.

Our solid day-to-day core embraces front end and back-end processing and improves the business flow of the organization.

This wide set of functionalities, spanning from budgeting to accounts’ summaries and outlook, increase the Credit Union’s ability to improve their services and gives the members convenient and consistent financial solutions: both in-branch and digitally.

Bridge digital and in-branch experiences

Enhance workflows and leverage performances to invest in new services

With over 60 technology solutions for Credit Unions, VisiFI has not forgotten about the traditional branch experience. Our robust Member Management solutions have been used by Credit Unions for over 40 years.  We continually invest in streamlining the workflow to provide a consistent experience for the “in-house” user. Our Real-Time Core Platforms are fully integrated into our digital applications, so our customers get a complete and consistent workflow whether inside or outside the branch. 

From Account Opening, to Teller Applications, to Member Management, Retail Transaction Processes. Cash Management, and much more. VisiFI’s comprehensive set of core solutions are designed to elevate the Credit Union’s ability to exceed member’s expectations, all within a user friendly, single sign on system within a Real-Time Core Processing System.

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Simple and immediate ways to access and move money.

Implement payment tools that empower members.

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