Monitor, evaluate and manage regulatory changes

Taking care of people’s money requires credit union and banking organizations to be part of a highly regulated industry. Ensuring you’re not only in compliance, but also able to quickly embrace regulatory changes, is critical to your continued success.

VisiFI Compliance is designed to help credit unions like yours automate and streamline the compliance and reporting areas of your organization so you can focus more of your resources on acquiring and retaining members.

Protection from risk

With VisiFI Compliance, you gain the advantage of our more than 40 years of experience, working with the specific regulatory challenges you face.

VisiFI does what you don’t have the time to do – monitor industry regulations, evaluate best practice guidelines, and understand the best way to implement them. Then, building on rich, real-time data, you’re able to use the regulatory or customized reporting templates necessary to make decisions and develop strategies confidently. With VisiFI Compliance, you’re able to address:

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Access information and take action – in real time.

Automate collections and free up resources.

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