Top 5 Steps for Financial Institutions to Navigate Cybersecurity and Compliance

Joseph Kirkpatrick

Founder and President
Kirkpatrick Price

March 26, 2024

Tune in to this episode for a discussion on the current cybersecurity and compliance landscape confronting financial institutions today.  Our host, Jami Jennings, VisiFI’s Vice President of Digital Product Management and Member Experience, talks to Joseph Kirkpatrick, Founder and President of KirkpatrickPrice, an independent information security audit firm, about the critical aspects of a risk management program.

  • Learn the steps in a risk assessment process and why this is the basis for setting up a risk management program
  • Discover the importance of having an independent audit firm test the controls you have in place
  • Hear about the trust services criteria you should be implementing to strengthen security for your customer data
  • What are the most prevalent security threats in today’s financial environment and how are cybercriminals are using advanced social engineering and AI
  • How a good vulnerability management program outlining what is in your environment and what you need to protect can prevent hackers from shutting down your systems
  • The significance of a Soc2 Type2 Audit for vendor evaluation

Listen in to learn 5 steps you can take to stay ahead of hackers.