Building New Horizons: The Journey Of Starting A Credit Union

Denise Wymore

Marketing Manager, Small Credit Union Initiatives
Zest AI

January 23, 2024

In a landscape where the credit union industry seems to be shrinking, a curious paradox arises – an influx of aspiring individuals eager to establish their credit unions.  But what fuels this drive?  On this episode, our host Jami Jennings, VisiFI’s Vice President of Product Marketing Strategy, and her guest Denise Wymore, Marketing Manager, Small Credit Union Initiatives at Zest AI discuss the credit union journey.  Listen to the story of a group of people who have been working on this for 10 years and discover the challenges they navigate, from raising capital to navigating the pile of paperwork and regulatory requirements.  Enter  CU De Novo Collective, a guiding light for these credit unions, offering support in this complex process.  Tune in to learn how to turn dreams into tangible change.