The Member’s Purchase Journey Webcast

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How can Credit Unions cope with digital transformation and the rising competition with banks?

What can be done, during the member’s journey, to solve needs across every interaction between the Credit Union and their stakeholders?

We answered these questions during our participation in the CU Times Tech Show, “The Member’s Purchase Journey”, where Jami Jennings presented VisiFI’s Digital Banking approach and platform.

Go Digital, Stay Personal

Today the Credit Union industry needs to compete with aggressive players, such as the fintechs.

These organizations have invested money and resources in designing front-end interfaces to be delivered quickly to younger generations. But what happens when you go beyond the front-end? Fragmented data and processes that are not connected to your overall organizations’ systems, generating a Frankenstein effect that creates inefficiencies, while increasing costs and generating security issues. 

The back-end, when it’s built by someone who knows the Credit Union industry from within, is a resource to exploit and to leverage. This is how we envision our digital banking approach: a way to manage your financial supply chain all along the journey, with a deep understanding of the Credit Union’s main business processes and future challenges, and the mission to provide innovative and high-level financial services to each of your members.