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On 05/12 we held a new webinar on our digital banking solution: “How to bring joy to members with a truly seamless digital experience: from account opening, to lending, and everything in between, within one system.”

The webinar is aimed at showing how our end-to-end digital banking platform can help credit unions thrive in the digital world. Some of the clients that are already live on this new platform saw a 20% increase in their new mobile users since the adoption.

Webinar’s speaker is Jami Jennings, our Digital Solutions Director.

VisiFI’s Digital Banking Platform

VisiFI’s Digital Banking Solution presents members with an end-end experience from opening an account and applying for a loan, to immediately funding and utilizing this award winning mobile and online application. All within a single, consistent, intuitive and seamless process that enables CUs to exceed the demands of digital consumers.

VisiFI’s Digital “Triple Play” delivers members one truly seamless experience from applying for the loan, being accepted, opening an account and funding that account immediately, all within a single environment and without ever having to enter the branch.

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