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How to Turn Conversions into an Opportunity to Enhance Performance

Selecting a core data processing system can be challenging and expensive. Many would say that it is the most difficult business decision of an Executive Management Team and Board of Directors. Much time, energy and investment go into making a processor change.

We understand and value the investment that Credit Unions are taking to enhance the member experience, and we are aware of the fact that a conversion process can be critical in future-proofing systems and data, in order to be sure they are the right foundation for achieving the goal.

That is why we have been working to create a dedicated conversion team, a group of people that embody the life-experiences of 42 years in Credit Union activities and client on-boarding.

It’s through the hands of this high-skilled team that we distill the proven methodology through which we guided over 750 clients through successful conversions

This experience is also the filter through which we design our conversions’ processes and methodology, thus including a high-level and detailed roadmap, with the overall goal of creating a positive experience:

A quick and safe methodology for conversions: the VisiFI Waterfall approach

Over the years, we’ve been designing a solid and easy methodology to ensure conversions are quick and safe. The main steps of this methodology are as follows:

Contract & Planning

This includes all contractual and planning activities. Once the contract is signed, conversion planning begins. An initial KickOff call is scheduled, where our teams are introduced and fundamental conversion requirements are discussed including meeting schedules, project plans and expectations. We perform a deep dive into collecting and reviewing current processes of the Credit Union and use our experiences to configure desired results and deploy new products and services contributing to the Credit Union conversion success and providing peace of mind.


During this phase, all configuration and test system customization is started. Our goal is to configure and custom tailor a test system using the conversion data provided by the Credit Union. In this specific part of the process, we also perform a meticulous review of the member data.

Data & Testing

This is the time when we start all data customization and testing activities. One part of the job is to be sure that the Credit Union’s data is correctly customized by our conversion team. Also, the test system and secure communication connectivity is used, thus allowing the Credit Union’s review and user acceptance.


When it comes to changing systems, training is key. That is why we’ve been implementing a special combination of onsite and virtual training that covers previous system processes and provides instruction on how to apply processes to the new system. Also, we grant the Credit Union access to a test environment, that builds the confidence of front-line staff to use the streamlined workflow processes and reduces the number of hours spent on training for the new system.


This step includes all the activities necessary for the Credit Union to be prepared for Go Live day: all the hard work and collaboration comes together. Conversion resources are assigned to the Credit Union for the first week, so to support the post-go live conversion process. In the meantime, we closely monitor the processing activities through our conversion team, thus ensuring the Credit Union staff can continue to be focused on strengthening its member relationships and providing a successful, positive client experience.

Post Conversion Support

The post-conversion is where we demonstrate our vision of a true partnership: our conversion team continues to provide dedicated support for the Credit Union for 4-6 weeks after the go live. At the end of this phase, the Credit Union is transitioned to our Client Services team for ongoing client support.

Customer care: our top priority, and an ongoing process

Providing quality customer support goes well beyond the initial sale and conversion: it is a question of building a true and lasting partnership. That is the way we envision our commitment to our current and future clients, and the pillar at the basis of our willingness to always provide consistent and reliable client support.

Also, our workflow and products are designed to allow Credit Union staff to quickly become proficient on the system, allowing the organization to focus on the customer experience and to further promote new services and build member relationships. 

So, we mix a solid and proven set of resources, both organizational and technological, together with a very unique approach: the ability to keep on being a caring company.

We believe and operate under the founding philosophy of “people helping people”: that is the way we accompany Credit Unions along their transformational journey.

Every transaction. Every interaction. Everywhere.

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