Dedagroup Introduces VisiFI

Three Innovators Come Together to Develop Pivotal Tools for Financial Institutions

Press Release

NEW YORK, NY (February 20, 2020) –

Dedagroup introduces VisiFI as the new brand identity for its companies operating in the U.S. Financial Institutions market. This introduction is just the first move of Dedagroup’s broader strategic initiative that will be pursued throughout 2020 and that will be aimed at strengthening the overall company’s positioning across the United States.

VisiFI condenses the expertise of three proven industry innovators – Dedagroup, EPL, and Intech – into one company vision that unites technology, people and processes with intelligent solutions that elevate the performance of financial institutions to operate efficiently, attract new customers and encourage member loyalty. The new brand will be leveraging its extensive experience – over 1 million members served from Hawaii to New York – to further expand a set of real-time solutions that help Financial Institutions become agile in an ever-changing marketplace.

“With the establishment of VisiFI, we want to transform the way chartered Financial Institutions perform in the market. We will help them operate more efficiently in meeting the demands of the next generation, to become lean as Fintech, while ensuring their security and compliance levels remain at the highest quality,” said Roger Willey, Chief Revenue Officer, Dedagroup North America.

The inception of VisiFI strengthens Dedagroup’s positioning in the U.S. Financial Institution market because it’s in line with other strategic operations that the Group carried on in recent years, such as the acquisition of Juniper Payments – a payment services company whom solutions are used by over 3,000 Financial Institutions daily. At the same time, this new foundation will benefit from the expertise in the digital payments and the card issuing services that Dedagroup started in Mexico through its company, Dedapay.

VisiFI will be focused on providing Financial Institutions with IT solutions and services that make money accessible, exchanged and shared in an easier way, thus helping them offer comprehensive Financial Services that drive growth, member satisfaction and financial inclusion.

“VisiFI is our way to support Financial Institutions to both meet today’s expectations and tomorrow’s demands: ensuring that money flows seamlessly between people and Institutions in an expedited and secure way. Our goal is to eliminate this disruptive element for today’s Financial Institutions: through our real-time methodology we aim to help Financial Institutions have instant access and control over their operations”, says Alessandro Pocher, CEO, Dedagroup North America.