Digital Banking Security

Advanced options to safeguard the online experience.

Embedded security for total protection along every stage of the online experience

VisiFI’s Digital Banking Platform features a specific set of functionalities and protocols that apply the latest technology to protect both the credit union and their members.

From accessing the account and managing data within it to moving money and protecting the entire experience from external attacks; VisiFI’s Digital Banking Security Applications feature the highest and most recognized security functionalities within the industry.

With the exception of industry standard requirements, VisiFI’s full complement of security applications allows our customers the flexibility to design their own level of protection while also balancing the convenience for the online user. 

The security platform is embedded into our Digital Banking Solution which ensures the online activity is protected regardless of your core system or other technology integrations.

Functionalities and benefits

Access Security
Multiple Layers of Protection Against External Threats

Ensure members access is legitimate through a variety of different protection methods, such as:

Environment Security
End-End Protection for a Secure Platform

Avoid breaches exposure by mixing multiple methods all over the platform. Some of these are:

Transaction Security
Bank with Confidence and Peace of Mind

Protect members’ ability to access and move their money digitally, in total security, by leveraging functionalities such as:

Monitoring Security
Built in Resources to Keep You Informed and Compliant

Protect the Credit Union’s assets and adapt to regulatory changes through specific methods. Some of these include:

Defense Security
Hyper-Secure Penetration Defense Provided by Cloudflare

Monitor and prevent threats proactively with Cloudflare, the leading software in threat prevention. Some of the functionalities included are:

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