Infrastructure and Security

Delivering a reliable, cost-effective and recoverable eco-system.

An ecosystem that guarantees 99.99% availability, hyper-secure data centers and complete disaster recovery

As more consumers do their banking online, and credit unions mix and match third-party solutions, creating a complete secure and reliable system is more challenging than ever. 

Over the years, we have continued to adapt and employ the latest equipment, software and management protocols to assure our customer’s reliable service within a secure and recoverable eco-system. 

We leverage our experience in supporting and protecting hundreds of credit unions simultaneously, thus ensuring the multiple layers of hardware, software and operational management practices seamlessly interact within a single environment that operates in real time

Our ability to spread the cost of this infrastructure across all customers also enables us to keep investing in modern approaches and proven strategies and to make it more cost effective for individual credit unions.

Approach and Benefits

At a high level, VisiFI’s Infrastructure and Security platform is designed and managed with the goal to meet the following standards:

Main Functional Areas

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