Card Data Manager

Manage Cards Quickly and Easily

VisiFI’s Card Data Manager allows financial institutions to implement new BINs (Bank Identification Number) quickly, significantly reducing the go-to-market time to issue secure debit cards in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), thus ensuring more control and protection over sensitive information shared within transactions.

Delivering Cards to Members, From Any Processor, in Clicks

The Card Data Manager is an integrated platform that connects your Credit Union with any card processor in the market, allowing the organization to automate the card issuing process, even when dealing with third-parties.

It’s a communication hub that improves your services, and expands the Credit Unions’ ability to add new card solutions in a few clicks, simplifying the process, and preserving the members’ data to the highest security standards.

This solution is completely core-agnostic and can be integrated with any core.

An Integrated and Automated Value Chain, From the Card Manufacturer to the Card Delivery

The Card Data Manager enables:

A Real-Time Solution, for a Faster Go-to-Market

This robust card issuing solution is built around real-time processing.

Through the balance synchronizer, the Card Data Manager allows the Credit Union to always keep the account balance synchronized with the core banking system, in real-time.

Innovation and World-Wide Expertise

The mix of components that the Card Data Manager brings together are tied-up by a holistic approach, that allows VisiFI’s team to handle projects at an accelerated pace, and to better respond to Credit Unions’ emerging needs.

The solution was developed by a multi-regional team from across the globe, leveraging talents not only from the U.S. but also from our Italian parent company and our Mexican sister company specializing in the payments sector.

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