Multi-Core Systems Offering

The best of all worlds.

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With VisiFI, you gain the versatility you need from your technology platform as the result of our multi-core system approach that allows you to choose the solution and integrated vertical modules that best meet your needs and your budget.


The VisiFI platform can be used as an end-to-end solution for virtually any size credit union. It’s also highly configurable, offering the flexibility to customize products and processes, and accommodating third-party applications easily through the use of APIs. Built on industry and operational experience that spans hundreds of clients, VisiFI offers a solution that is truly the best of all worlds.

Our Solutions and Services

Core Technology Platform

From its very foundation, the VisiFI Full-Service Platform provides a comprehensive, single-sourced solution, within an open architecture, to fully outsource your technology.

Core Add-Ons

Ours, yours or theirs – operate on any platform knowing VisiFI Core Add-Ons can be integrated to improve efficiency, employ real-time intelligence and enhance member experience.

Digital Solutions

As members move to the internet for services, VisiFI makes it easy for you to meet their preference for real-time immediacy, anywhere convenience and full-service capabilities.

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