Building a sustainable technology ecosystem to support our credit union clients is critical to their success – and ours. VisiFI’s three-phase approach ensures we’re making the right investments in key strategic areas to remain on track to becoming a $50 million company:

Establish Foundation and Investment

By combining EPL and Intech with Deda Group to unite technology, people and processes, VisiFI builds intelligent solutions that leverage financial stability and business efficiency to achieve a shared mission to the member experience.

Drive Awareness and Expansion

New partner alignment, customer engagement, service excellence and product evolution all help to drive awareness, expansion and sustainable growth into the next phase of VisiFI’s development.

Fuel Optimization and Growth

As credit unions continue to adopt VisiFI’s real-time, full-service platform, modular services and digital transformation technology, we are able to optimize these existing technologies, while paving the way for growth through new client acquisition and new product introductions.


It’s one thing to promote our own financial strength. VisiFI also architects solutions that expand credit union capability in a financially sustainable way. As such, we’re able to provide an end-to-end core technology platform, powered up with fully integrated modular online and mobile banking solutions. We do it in a way that allows us to expand resources and deliver scalable projects from short-term enhancements to long-term development strategies. These strategies provide the credit union with the flexibility to grow and compete according to the opportunities and challenges of an ever-changing scenario.